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Team Parent Information 

Thank you for volunteering your valuable time to the children of Dos Pueblos Little League. Your help in keeping your team well-informed and organized is much appreciated!!  

Team Parent Checklist

Click Here for the Team Parent Checklist document. This has a checklist and instructions on the tasks needed throughout the season. We will have a specific training for Team Parents to walk you through each step of the process so it will be easy to know what needs to be done.

If you have any questions, please contact the




The list below describes the minimum amount of activity for volunteers to receive credit.  It also indicates the maximum number of volunteers that may receive credit for that specific activity. 


  • BOARD OF DIRECTORS: No limit per team
  • MANAGER:  1 per team
  • DUGOUT COACHES:  3 Coaches allowed per team; selected by Manager (T-Ball may have up to 5 Coaches receive credit)
  • TEAM PARENT(S):   2 allowed per team; selected by Manager
  • UMPIRE(S):  Confirmed by Head Umpire.  Must complete a minimum of 3 games each.
  • CONCESSIONS:  2 allowed per team (T-Ball may have up to 9 volunteers receive credit).  Must complete  two shifts of 2 1/2 hours each to receive credit.
  • SCOREKEEPER(S):  2 allowed per team
  • GROUNDSKEEPER(S):  2 allowed per team
  • GIFT:  $100 per player fee gifted to DPLL; No volunteer work required.


Contact the Vice President (VP) of your team's division for problems related to player situations that cannot be solved by the manager (e.g., Johnny isn’t getting enough playing time), or for problems regarding the manager, coaches and/or rules.  Contact information for the Coast/T-Ball VP, Major/Minor/Farm VP, and the Junior VP is listed on the Board of Directors section of the website.

For more serious incidents that may or may not relate to your team, please complete an 
Incident Report Form located on the Home page in the Online Forms section.