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Basic Scorekeeping Information


Scorebooks are the official record of the games played, so it is important to make sure they are filled out accurately.  If you have signed up to be one of the scorekeepers for your team, please make sure that you attend the scheduled training session prior to the beginning of the season.  You will receive instruction on the basic scorekeeping method used by DPLL.  You can also refer to the information provided in the scorekeeping handout below.

Please show up at the game at least 20 minutes early so that you can set up the scorekeeping table and begin to fill in game data.  The scorebook and pitching logs will be stored in the field box.  Be sure that you record your name in the scorebook so that we have a record of the games that you have completed.  This is how we verify the time commitment for your volunteer credit.

For questions, please contact the Head Scorekeeper

Scorekeeping pdf handout