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Grievance Committee



  • The Grievance Committee consists of three voting members of the DPLL Board of Directors and are appointed annually by the League President.
  • This Committee will be responsible for handling significant problems and the "emergency-type" of situations that may need immediate attention.  Such problems are to be considered more serious and/or urgent than those that are normally handled by the Vice Presidents, Player Agents or umpires.
  • The Grievance Committee should interview all appropriate parties and, if they feel it is necessary, make an immediate decision regarding action taken.
  • The League President shall be notified immediately of the situation.
  • A majority of two of the three members is required regarding a decision.  For example, if only two of the three members are available, they may agree on an immediate decision.  The League President may substitute as a voting Committee member if any of the three members is unavailable and an immediate decision is needed.
  • The Committee has the right to temporarily but immediately suspend players, coaches or fans from DPLL events until the Board of Directors meets and examines the issue.
  • One member of the Committee will be responsible for providing a full written report, including their recommendations and any action taken, at the next meeting of the Board of Directors.  The Board will then make a decision regarding the situation.
  • All such reports, including subsequent decisions made by the Board of Directors, will be kept in a Grievance Committee file maintained by the League President.  Appropriate motions and action taken should be included in the Board meeting minutes.
  • Examples of incidents that should be given to the Committee include, but are not limited to, the following:  1) Physical violence; 2) Threats of physical violence; 3) Verbal abuse; 4) Illegal activity; and 5) Drunkenness or other clearly inappropriate behavior at games or practices.                                                                                      

Should you see any any unsafe conditions, unsportsmanlike conduct or grievance against a player, coach, umpire, volunteer or parent, please click HERE to fill out an Grievance Report