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For the 2021 season, the following volunteer responsibilities will be included as a 2021 role of "Health Check In":

  • On practice and games days, monitor health checks and compliance in the GameChanger Team Manager mobile app 
  • Manage check-in health stations at practices/games that entails checking for temperatures and mask compliance. General details include:
    • Two check-in stations during each practice/game timeslot : Check-in shifts will be rotated among the teams.  Only 1 person is needed to manage each station.
    • Check-in station #1 : between the Coast Field and Elings Meadow (by the batting cages) 
    • Check-in station #2 : between Majors and Coast Fields (end of the outfields by Pacific Oaks Rd)
    • Pick-up check-in materials (infrared thermometer, gloves, hand sanitizer, masks, small table, etc) from the shed by Minors Field for set-up and return materials to the shed afterwards.
    • 1 hour check-in shift (arrive 30 minutes prior to start of practices and stay for 30 minutes after the practices have started)