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Managers & Coaches Information

The great reward in coaching a DPLL team is instilling a love for baseball in the players, while positively teaching the fundamentals that will last a lifetime. Our league is only able to function with the people who give of their time and talents in being managers and coaches.

A Manager is the "Head Coach" and is responsible for his team, which includes drafting of players and choosing his Assistant Coaches. 


Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA)

DPLL is committed to creating a positive environment for our players, coaches and parents. Starting in 2015, we required all managers to attend the PCA's seminar and highly encouraged coaches to attend. We also encourage all parents to attend the parent version. For more information, please visit www.positivecoach.org 


Manager & Coach Training

Please go to the
Documents and Training page for Manager / Coach Training as well as the Rules for each division.

There are also many coaching resources on the Little League Manager/Coaching Resource Center website at the link below.
Little League Manager/Coaching Resource Center


Coaching Clinic Outline: Emphasis for younger divisions


*Always find a positive

*Keep kids moving (avoid lines for drills)

*Make it FUN! Try to enjoy the mistakes if the attempt was good

*Utilize the help of as many parents as possible (many parents are there anyways)


Tactical Coaching

-          you need to teach the kids what to do and how to do it

         -EX- before each batter hits, tell your defense where the runners are and where you want them to try to make a play.  Hopefully they will get to the point of when you ask them, they will be able to tell you those things…

- Your team will not learn to talk to each other unless you teach them how.

- Start early teaching your team the importance and purpose of “TEAM”

Encourage each other, support each other, if someone makes a mistake, teammates should be saying “nice try, get the next one, you are ok…”  A player on my team this season defined “team” with “I got your back, you got my back!”  That starts with you treating the kids that was


Technical Coaching:




How to teach catching the Baseball

-          ball above waist- “Fingers Up”

-          ball below waist- “Fingers Down”

-          Throwing hand behind/beside glove to catch with 2 hands when possible


Ground Balls

-          Center your body (belly button) to baseball

-          Bend at knees (Butt down) more than bend at waist (chest up)

-          Balls of your feet with slight forward lean

-          Glove hand out in front as far as you can reach with it touching the ground

-          Throwing hand behind glove or “alligator”

-          ADVANCED- “Right, Left, catch, Right Left Throw”


Fly Balls

-          When the ball is hit- first step backward (if it is hit at you) – don’t want the ball over your head!

-          Don’t run/track  the ball with your glove in the air

-          Catch the fly ball with fingers up, 2 hands!




Every hitter is different, every stance and swing is different.  Don’t try to make everyone the same.


Key coaching Mistakes

-          - Back Elbow up- NO!

-          - Line up big knuckles on the bat- NO!

-          - Swing at anything close- NO! (teach kids the correct strike zone…)



-          Start in a balanced stance 9test by being comfortable to stay there a while)

-          Finish swing balanced and under control


Comfortable and Smooth

-          Straight to ball- not just rotating body to hit ball



-          Minimize movement

-          I like to teach “Chin touching front shoulder to start swing, back shoulder touching chin to finish swing.



-          the shape of elbow to hands to other elbow is an upside down “V”

-          The angle will vary from hitter to hitter, but not back elbow up…



-          Body Positioning key points

-          - Body should be sideways (front shoulder, front hip, front foot) pointed towards the target

-          - I like to have kids non throwing elbow point toward the target

-          - Right hander has right foot back, left hander has left foot back

-          - teach kids to follow their throw 1 or 2 steps toward the target

-          - follow through with arm and hand should be to outside of opposite hip