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Managers & Coaches Information/Training

The great reward in coaching youth baseball is instilling a love for baseball in the players, while positively teaching a team first attitude, character values, commitment and emotional composure.  Our league is only able to function when the people who give of their time and talents in being managers and coaches work with our league to become the best they can be.  Kids learn from examples and we want our coaches to set the best examples.  In order to provide you with the best possible set of skills for this we have developed a training protocol that will be fundamental to your success.   Below are the ways in which our league intends to guide new and veteran coaches in continued development of coaching skills and player development.   We want our DPLL coaches to be sponges, continuing to seek improvement in themselves in order to help our young players succeed on and off the field.


The Manager and assistant coaches are responsible for the team and therefore responsible for completing the following requirements in order to ensure a positive experience this season.  If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact our coaching coordinator, Jacob Pepper at jlpepper@gmail.com during your season.  

DPLL thanks you for taking on this great challenge that will prove to be one of the most rewarding experiences!


Manager & Coach Training

1.)     All coaches must attend coaches in-service training each year: 75 minutes

 This will be a combination of discussion of culture, philosophy, positive coaching, skill development, practice planning, support and hands on drill workshop.  The hands on training portion of this training will include tactical and technical skill development for the levels listed below.


All in-service training sessions will meet at Girsh Park Community Room.


    Please attend one of the following sessions:
    T-ball division/coast - Mar. 1 800a-915a -
    Mar. 4 445p-600p -
    Mar. 8 800a-915am.

  • coast/farm   (Dates TBD)

  • minor/major (Dates TBD)

  •  junior/senior (Dates TBD)

2.)  All coaches complete this one time only.

Concussion in Sports Training


3).  All coaches complete online training Parts A and B provided by USA Baseball one time only

Training Parts A and B


  All coaches from Minors, Majors, Juniors must ALSO complete training part C one time only

Training Part C


Please submit certification award as evidence of completion to Jacob Pepper at lpepper@gmail.com


Course A for all managers and coaches

-The Confident Baseball Coach

-Abuse Awareness for Adults 

-Introduction to Pitch Smart 

-Basic First Aid 


Course B: For all managers and coaches

-Introduction to Umpiring

-Building a Baseball Experience 

-Coaching Philosophy and Approach 

-Baserunning Fundamentals

-Catching Stances, Receiving, and Blocking

-Coaching the Basics of Hitting

-Coaching the Fundamentals of Infield

-Coaching the Fundamentals of Outfield

-Coaching Pitching Delivery


Course C: For all managers and coaches of minor, major and junior divisions

-Managing a Pitching Staff

-Managing Players 

-Offensive Development

-Outfield Development

-Infield Development

-Base running Development

-Pitching Development

-Catching Development


3. )   All coaches with less than 3 years experience complete SBART PCA clinic.  

Optional for coaches with more experience...Dates TBA


4. )   All coaches download SportsYou app 

 This app is a great way to ensure communication/posts/videos/media as online resource and message board.   

Once you download the app, use code L9BQ8KMV to ensure you become part of the "Dos Pueblos LL Coaches" group.


5)  All coaches Download Mobile Coach App for practice planning/drills/technique etc..

Mobile Coach app-  


More resources to help you along the way as you continue your path to becoming an excellent coach!

Little League Manager/Coaching Resource Center

USA Baseball Resource Center

First Aid,  Health and Safety Training