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Our Mailing Address is: PO Box 8245, Goleta, CA  93118


The registration process is now conducted online. Please click on the Register Now button on the home page and follow the instructions. If you are new to DPLL, you will need to meet with our registrar to provide the player's birth certificate along with 3 forms of residency. This is required by Little League International to ensure players are playing in the district where they live.

DPLL baseball is open to all boys and girls who are Little League age 4 to 14 years old and live/attend school within the DPLL boundary. Click here to view a breakdown of how a player's Little League Age is calculated. 


DPLL works because of the many volunteers that give their time and energy in helping to make the league operate smoothly.  Every registered player must have someone to volunteer in one of the many positions involved in running DPLL.  If you have more than one child playing in the league, you will need to volunteer for more than one position/job.  This can also be fulfilled by completing additional shifts in the Concession stand.  Additional information on the various volunteer positions is located in the volunteer section of the website.  

Every Volunteer must complete the Little League Volunteer Application Form, which is located in the Volunteer section of the website.

At minimum, your child will need a baseball glove, non-metal cleats, batting helmet and boys (Machine pitch division and above) will need to wear an athletic supporter with a hard cup.  DPLL will supply a team shirt and a team hat.  Players will also need baseball pants, socks, and a belt.  However, your Team Manager will give you more specific information regarding the color you will need, as it will depend on your team's uniform colors.

DPLL will provide each team with Catchers gear.  You may also choose to purchase a baseball bag to transport personal equipment, water bottles and other items.

All players and parents are expected to conduct themselves in the best levels of sportsmanship.  This means having a positive attitude toward the game, cheering in a positive manner, and respecting the umpire.  All coaches and umpires are volunteering their time and efforts to improve and develop your child's skills and performance, and instill a love of the game.  To this end, DPLL has developed a Sports Code of Conduct for our league.  

Sports Code of Conduct

Spectators or coaches who display poor sportsmanship may be ejected without warning and must leave the Girsh Fields area before the game continues.  This is up to the judgment of any game umpire.  Failure to leave the fields in a timely manner will result in suspension and possible forfeiture of the game.  Managers or coaches ejected from a game are automatically suspended for the next game.  The Board will review more serious infractions, including possible game forfeitures.  The plate umpire must provide a verbal report (within 24 hours) and a written report (within 72 hours) of the ejection to both the Head Umpire and the Division VP.

Players may be warned once by coaches or umpires for incidents of poor sportsmanship.  If such behavior continues, they may be ejected.  More significant incidents, as described in the Little League Rule Book, may result in immediate ejection without warning.  These include, but are not limited to, behavior such as throwing of equipment in anger or frustration, fighting, swearing, collisions due to the base runner's failure to attempt to slide and/or avoid defensive players, etc.  Ejected players must leave the field area before the game resumes, but will not be allowed to go home or leave Girsh Park without adult supervision.

Team Sportsmanship Award for Players

Each season, the DPLL Board of Directors asks that the Manager of each team select one player who represents the spirit of Little League participation.  That player will receive an engraved plaque at the end of the season.  

Selection Process:  The Manager is to notify the League Player Agent of his/her selection.  Because there is almost always more than one qualified candidate per team, the choice is often quite difficult and subjective.  It is therefore recommended that the Team Manager discuss the various candidates with the team's coaches.  The Board also acknowledges that very few children are going to demonstrate excellent sportsmanship all the time.  To avoid the appearance of bias or impropriety, Managers may not submit their own children's names for this award.  A player is not prohibited from receiving this award more than once.  

Qualifications/Guidelines:  The players who receive this award are often not the most talented on the team, but almost always make the most of the talent they have.  They are players who are seldom absent from practices or games, who may have to deal with certain kinds of obstacles, and who follow the directions of the coaches.  Examples of this type of sportsmanship might include picking up equipment, ceasing activities when asked to do so, encouraging all of their teammates during games and practices, and not taking "short-cuts" when doing exercises or drills.  These are kids who will continue to compete and display a positive attitude regardless of the team record, their own individual performance, or whether their team is losing a particular game.  They do not belittle others, argue with umpires, or get inappropriately angry with themselves.  These Little League players may or may not be among the best players on the team, but they are often considered the best team players.

End of season awards/gifts

DPLL provides awards for regular season and tournament winners in the following competitive divisions (Majors, Minors, Farm and Coast). DPLL does not provide end of season participation trophies, team parties or coach gifts. Teams that wish to provide these extras are encouraged to take up their own collection and make their own arrangements. We encourage our teams to support our local league sponsors when possible.

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